One day, our nation will know Newark and Camden, New Jersey, as cities of world-class public education.


schools, growing to 15 in newark and camden, nj


kids, growing to 7,600


To college, of those who were with us in 8th grade

TEAM Schools is growing to serve students in Camden and Newark across 15 schools

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The mission of TEAM Charter Schools is to create a network of schools in Camden and Newark, New Jersey, that instill in their students the desire and ability to succeed in college, in order to change the world.

Six Essential Questions

Like all KIPP schools, we evaluate ourselves against six essential questions to ensure we're supporting kids for college and in life beyond. A school with great test scores but high student attrition, for instance, would not be fulfilling our mission.

(1) Are we serving the kids who need us?

Eligible for free/reduced meals

Students with special needs


(2) Are our students staying with us?

Student Retention

Student Attendance

Courntey in fifth grade doing work with her classmate

Courtney as a senior in college, tutoring a TEAM student

Courtney is a TEAM alum who joined us as a 5th grader in 2002. Eleven years later, after graduating Seton Hall studying education and tutoring students, she accepted our offer to become an elementary school teacher. Courtney is being the change she wishes to see in the world.

(3) Are students progressing and achieving academically?

Like all KIPP schools, we evaluate ourselves against six essential questions, because tes scores are part of the story but they’re not enough. A school with great test scores but high student attrition, for instance, is not a healthy school.

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(4) Are alumni climbing the mountain to and through college?


of students have matriculated to college (of those who were with TEAM in 8th grade)


KIPP students are four times more likely to graduate college than their low-income peers

Four-Year College Graduation Rates

(5) Are we building a sustainable people model?


Teacher retention

Why work at team

Julian Forde


"TEAM's values are lived out day in, day out. If you work for TEAM, you embody at least one of our values."

Ali Nagle


"Teaching is about opening a world of possibilities and allowing students the freedom to explore every possible corner of the world."

Michaelle Larracuente


"From home visits to daily phone calls we are a part of each and every student's family."

(6) Are we building a sustainable financial model?


Year that TEAM breaks even on public funding in Newark

But we still have fundraising needs

Camden startup funding


Alumni emergency fund


Every May we host the TEAMspys, an evening to celebrate hard work and achievement. And have fun. Throughout the year staff nominate each other for exhibiting TEAM’s values and winners earn up to $5,000 awards.

(1) Staff nominate each other throughout the year for exhibiting TEAM’s values

(2) Winners who most exhibit TEAM’s values earn up to $5,000 at the annual TEAMspys Ceremony